Cisco SPA30x/SPA50x/SPA51x IP Phones


The following guide illustrates how to upgrade a Cisco SPA504 IP phone, however the process is identical across all models of IP phones.

  • Make sure your device is powered-up and that your PC Ethernet cable is connected to the PC port on the phone.

To begin the firmware upgrade, double-click on the upgrade .exe file included in the firmware ZIP file below. A Warning message will appear, read it, then click on the Continue button to continue the upgrade process.

Start Upgrade WARNING

Enter the IP Address assigned to the SPA504G. Then, click on the OK button to proceed.

Enter IP Address

If your phone has an administrative password set, you will be prompted to enter it:

Enter Admin Password

Confirm the information collected and presented for your review and click Upgrade to proceed with the installation of the firmware.

Upgrade Go

Security Alert Windows
At this point, depending on the security software installed on your PC, you may see a pop-up Warning.

It maybe the Windows 7 Firewall Alert.
Whatever security alert pops-up, you need to ALLOW in order for the firmware upgrade to continue.

Security ALERT FireWall or AV

After allowing the software to proceed, you will see the following window:

Waiting for Firmware Download

This is where some people get stuck...... "Waiting For Firmware Download Request From SPA"...

If you get stuck here, CANCEL the procedure, and start the .exe program again. Once again being sure your firewall and AntiVirus or other security software is allowing the program to proceed.

Once the program is actually able to connect to the SPA504G IP-Phone, you should see the following window:

Updating Firmware in Progress

At this point, be patient while the firmware is uploading to the SPA504G phone. This may take a few minutes...

You will see the LED lights on your IP-Phone blinking and a message on the LCD screen of the SPA504G indicating that the upgrade is in progress. Once the process is completed, you will see all status lights on the phone lit as normal and the phone is ready for making calls (assuming it was properly configured before beginning the upgrade). When you finally see the "Upgrade Successful" pop-up, you are home free!

SPA504G_ver-7-5-5 Successful

You can confirm that the SPA504G is now running on the latest firmware by logging back into the phone via the web browser and confirming the Software Version on the landing page.

version 7.6(2)SR6

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