Grandstream HT812 & HT814

What precautions must I take before performing an upgrade?

Firmware upgrade is a simple yet crucial procedure. If done incorrectly, it could damage the unit.

Please follow below steps to upgrade the firmware version of your HT812 / HT814:

  1. Download the firmware file.

  2. Unzip it and copy the file in to a folder on your PC.

  3. From the HT812 / HT814 web interface (Advanced Settings page) click “Upload from local directory”.

    Upload from local directory

  4. Click “Choose File” and browse your hard drive and find the firmware file you unzipped in step 2 above.

    Choose File

  5. Click “Upload Firmware” and wait few minutes until the new program is loaded.

Note: Always check the status page to see that the program version has changed.
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