SPA112 & SPA122 Series Universal Adapters

Manual Update Instructions:
  1. Download the attached file to your computer and unzip it to your desktop.

  2. Access the adapter Configuration Utility in one of the following two ways:

    • If the adapter is SPA112, connect one analog phone to its FXS port, press * * * * to access IVR, enter 110 to get SPA112 WAN IP address. Then, launch a web browser, and enter WAN IP address.

    • If the adapter is SPA122, connect one PC to its LAN port. Then, launch a web browser, and enter the LAN IP address. The default value is

  3. Log in to the Configuration Utility.

  4. Click "Administration" in the menu bar, and then click "Firmware Upgrade" in the navigation tree.

  5. Click "Browse" and select the location of the upgrade file that you downloaded.

  6. Click the "Upgrade" button to upgrade the firmware.
version 1.4(1)SR5

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