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By foo76
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I'm trying to connect my BT style wireless handsets to Sipgate.

I've purchased and configured a Cisco SPA122, and can see this registering successfully with Sipgate. I've connected the phone to the Cisco SPA122 using a BT to RJ11 converter and have three green lights (LAN, WAN, handset), but I don't get a dial tone.

I've also copied the regional setting found on this site for the dial tone etc. Is there something I'm missing?

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By WelshPaul
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@foo76 Does anything happen when you dial ****? If not, post the contents of the Voice Information for Line 1 Status (That is of course if you have configured Sipgate against Line ).
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By foo76
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No, nothing happens when I dial 1111. Here's the voice information from Line 1...

Line 1 Status
Hook State: On Registration State: Registered
Last Registration At: 11/11/2018 20:26:01 Next Registration In: 213 s
Message Waiting: No Mapped SIP Port:
Call Back Active: No
Last Called Number: Last Caller Number:
Call 1 State: Idle Call 2 State: Idle
Call 1 Tone: None Call 2 Tone: None
Call 1 Encoder: Call 2 Encoder:
Call 1 Decoder: Call 2 Decoder:
Call 1 FAX: Call 2 FAX:
Call 1 Type: Call 2 Type:
Call 1 Remote Hold: Call 2 Remote Hold:
Call 1 Callback: Call 2 Callback:
Call 1 Peer Name: Call 2 Peer Name:
Call 1 Peer Phone: Call 2 Peer Phone:
Call 1 Duration: Call 2 Duration:
Call 1 Packets Sent: Call 2 Packets Sent:
Call 1 Packets Recv: Call 2 Packets Recv:
Call 1 Bytes Sent: Call 2 Bytes Sent:
Call 1 Bytes Recv: Call 2 Bytes Recv:
Call 1 Decode Latency: Call 2 Decode Latency:
Call 1 Jitter: Call 2 Jitter:
Call 1 Round Trip Delay: Call 2 Round Trip Delay:
Call 1 Packets Lost: Call 2 Packets Lost:
Call 1 Packet Error: Call 2 Packet Error:
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By WelshPaul
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Don't dial 1111, dial ****.

Also, try making a call and see if the Hook State changes, if it doesn't, the problem is likely with the BT to rj11 adapter or your wireless handset(s).

Out of interest, where did you get the BT to rj11 adapter from?
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By VoipIT
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It could be the SPA122 that's faulty, the BT to rj11 adaptor or your DECT phone. :dunno:

Do as Paul said above and try a different telephone (Corded is always recommended) as that will help eliminate your DECT phone as being the cause. Regarding your RJ11 to BT adaptor, you should be using one of these. It might also be worth your while factory resetting the SPA122 and then try dialling "****" via your telephones keypad and see if it works before you make any changes?
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By WelshPaul
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When dialling '****', you should hear the built in IVR greeting (even before configuring the unit). :beaten:

@VoipIT has correctly linked to the required RJ11 > BT adapter, is that the one you purchased? If it is, and it's still not working especially after testing with another corded telephone then yes, i'm pretty confident that your SPA122 is faulty. :(
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