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Hi, guys,
first of all it is nice to be with you.

if necessary someone can help me:

Initial situation Openstage 60 with firmware : V1 R2.2.63 SIP 070629

I have now read that this firmware is quite old and I need firmware : V1R2.8.9 to continue at all.

Also with each V3 firmware is written: From V1 not possible.

Now I have downloaded the V2 in this great forum and wanted to install it via FTP. (as an attempt) Result of the download to the Openstage fails, the V3 software downloads to the phone, but I get an image error (will not be installed)

Now the question: does anyone have old firmware for me to get the phone halfway up to date?

THANK YOU for every attempt

Your Final
Hi @Final and welcome to the forums...

You're the first person to show up with an Openstage 60 running V1 SIP firmware. I am aware that anyone running V1 cannot update to V2 or V3 and posted the following disclaimer in the download section:
Upgrade / Update

When upgrading to V3R3/4 from a version lower than V2R2 it is necessary to upgrade to V2R2 first. If you upgrade directly from V2R0/1 to V3R1 all the stored passwords and certificates will become invalid. For upgrades from V2R0/1 please follow the procedure below, upgrades from V1 are not supported.
That being said - There doesn't appears to be an official V1 R2.2.63?

It is likely you need to update to a later V1 SIP firmware before progressing on to V2 and then V3 as you already suspect. Trouble is the V1 firmware isn't available anywhere. I don't thin Siemens themselves hold any copies! 😌

I|'m wondering if we can find an old V1 HFA firmware we can use to flash to the phone and update to a V2 that way before flashing back to SIP firmware? Hmm let me do some research and I will get back to...
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Hi WelshPaul ,
that is so unspeakably kind of you to offer to help. :grinning:

I've seen the update path, but hope always dies last...

I have also read something about a different kind of update (NetBoot) but I don't know if I can get to V3 immediately.

I was patient for a while...

Thanks and regards Thomas
Hi Thomas, No luck obtaining any v1 or HFA firmware files unfortunately. I have sent an email to a contact I have but not heard anything just yet. I'm not even sure if he is still working due to the Corona Virus situation? The UK is going into lockdown and so has most of Europe I believe? I have no idea when I will hear back from my contact or if he can even get access to the firmware required just yet. :worried:
So it turns out that the v1 software is unobtainable now. I do have a copy of OS_60_HFA_V2_R0_98_0.IMG that is capable of being flashed with phones running V1 R3 that you can try? I will not be held accountable if anything goes wrong and your phone ends up a brick though. :fingers_crossed:
2.2.1 For upgrade from V1 R3 to V2 R0
When using fixed IP addresses: Please make sure the phone is rebooted at least once with the fixed IP settings before the upgrade is started.
When using TLS make sure the Port settings are correct before the Upgrade
This is HFA firmware so if successful you will then need to flash back to SIP. Let me know if you want to give it a try and I will PM you a link. :thumbsup:

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