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By WelshPaul
Hi, you'll be happy to hear that the setup/configuration is identical. :-D
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By Michael
I bought another OBi1062 and duplicated the configuration from the other one. I can dial out to an outside line on both but sadly they don't both ring at the same time when I get an outside call coming in on my PSTN.

The Obi that get the call is the last one that rebooted.

Any thoughts, ideas, etc?
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By WelshPaul
Morning Michael,

My apologies, I should of been more precise in my previous correspondence. While you can upload a backup from one OBi model to another, you still have to make one or two minor alterations to the configuration after uploading. This is because each phone will have a different userid and password in use in order to register to a SIP account. You can't have two or more phones registering against the same account/extension. As such, the second OBi1062 will require that you setup another account on your OBi202 that it can register against. Like so:

On your OBi202 configure with the following:
  • Navigate to the Service Providers > ITSP Profile C > SIP page:
    • ProxyServer:
    • X_SpoofCallerID: Yes (Put a tick in the box)
  • Navigate to the Voice Services > SP3 Service page:
    • X_ServProvProfile: C
    • X_InboundCallRoute = {1002>(Mli):li}
    • X_RegisterEnable: No (Remove tick)
    • X_UserAgentPort: 5062
    • X_Proxy: Yes (Put a tick in the box)
    • AuthUserName: 1002
    • AuthPassword: 1002
On your second OBi1062, assuming that you have uploaded the backup to it first, make the following minor changes:
  • Navigate to the Service Providers > ITSP Profile D > SIP page:
    • ProxyServerPort: 5062
  • Navigate to the Voice Services > SP4 Service page:
    • AuthUserName: 1002
    • AuthPassword: 1002
Your original OBi1062 is using extension 1001, your new OBi1062 is using extension 1002. Inbound PSTN calls will now ring both OBi1062's and the Phone 1 port on your OBi202. Oh, and...

:birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :birthday:
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By Michael
The instructions you gave me were perfect :-D

I am now well aware that the LAN side of the OBi device setup likes to revert back to the previous settings so in future I check, amend, reboot, check, amend, reboot, etc... until the new settings take. Could it be my BTHub6? Maybe.

The OBiTALK expert configuration setup is just as cranky but does the trick but overwrites other settings so it can be quite a wrestling match. :dead:

In summary, my new settings have now been accepted and all OBis work in the right fashion. :party:

A warning needs to go out to other OBi users. The LAN side setup and OBiTALK side setup have unpredictable functionality so always check, check and re-check that new settings are taken in. It could be my WiFi combination so might be my issue only :nerd:

Once again thank you for your patience WelshPaul :angel:


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By WelshPaul
While the BT home hubs are problematic for VoIP use, I have never come across an issue that you describe before. It does sound like you have an issue with your LAN or WiFi! :-/

Did you look to see if the HH6 includes an option to turn off SIP ALG? What browser are you using?

I would still recommend that you replace the HH6, no need to break the bank, get another 'VoIP friendly' router off amazon and ditch the HH6. Remember, any issues with the amazon router and you can ship it back for free for a full refund!
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By WelshPaul
Voipfone offer a Technicolor TG589vac v2 router for £86.40 plus p&p here.

Used this brand in the past and they have been reliable, get one on ebay for £19 here or buy a new one here for £69.49 with free delivery.

No stock on Amazon! :bored:
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