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By Breeder
SIP ALG already disabled.

NAT Filtering: Secured

Why does it keep breaking randomly without any changes being made. I can try upgrading the R7800 firmware to latest version. I didn't do so if you recall because it was working fine. It wasn't broken so didn't want to fix it.


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By WelshPaul
Breeder wrote: Sun 25th June 2017, 11:16 Ping: 100% packet loss
Tracert: Request timed out at the 2nd hop.
The first hop is from your computer to your router, your router is responding but it's failing at the point it leaves the router and reaches the ISP headend. So the cause is either the router, superhub or your ISP. Helpful huh? :-D

The 100% packet loss tells me that the issue is between your router and hub 3. Possibly firewall related? Maybe buggy firmware. Google search shows that you're not the only one with these types of drop outs / connection issues: https://www.google.co.uk/search?client= ... 8gf72ZvoBQ

Lots complaining that it works for a month or so then they run into connection issues. Clearly there is an issue with these routers that only Netgear can address. :(

As a last resort, if it drops registration again, disable QOS as there are reports this breaks VoIP. You could also try enabling SIP ALG (never thought I would say that!).
Breeder wrote:I rebooted the N300IP and its now working. Fingers crossed it will stay working now!
When registration fails because of a network, ISP or ITSP issue, it usually takes some time for re-registration to occur once the issue has been resolved. Some devices never re-register unless you reboot them at their power source, Cisco being the only one I know of.

Why? VoIP devices usually have a timer that counts down from a predefined value, once it reaches zero registration is reattempted. Don't want to wait? Kill the power source and power it back up will result in immediate registration. Some devices allow you to manually configure how long it should wait until retrying registration after a failure, the default setting is usually somewhere between 70 seconds and 1800 seconds. On an OBIHAI device, the default value is 30 seconds (RegisterRetryInterval), a Snom has the default value of 600 seconds (Failed Subscription Retry Time (s)).

That is likely why your N300IP didn't re-register when you rebooted your router.
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By WelshPaul
Breeder wrote:X-Lite is also not working with neither VoIPCheap nor VoIPFone.

I have no time for this....
I can understand your frustration but you need to be more specific with regards to the information you're supplying.

You say that X-Lite is also not working with neither VoIPCheap nor VoIPFone so I assume that your N300IP has also lost registration? Did you run a traceroute and ping test again? If so what was the result? The N300IP and the computer running X-Lite are connected via Ethernet correct? If so, does WiFi still work? Do you have any internet access at all? If so, via Ethernet and WiFi? It's important to find out if this issue is specific to VoIP/SIP traffic or all traffic.

Try pinging (via Ethernet and WiFi if possible) voipcheap.co.uk and voipfone.co.uk do these work?

Try pinging (via Ethernet and WiFi if possible) sip.voipcheap.co.uk and sip.voipfone.net do these work?

Do you have QOS enabled or disabled on the router? As stated above, Google results indicate that this router has issues with VoIP when QOS is enabled.

If rebooting the router (without rebooting the super hub) fixes the issue then clearly the issue is with the router. Netgear are (in my opinion) crap, which is why I told you in a previous post to go with another brand. While the Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7500 and Netgear Nighthawk X4 R7800 differ under the hood, the firmware is practically the same.
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By Breeder
X-Lite not working with Laptop (WiFi) nor Desktop PC (Wired Ethernet)

Will check QoS now...

My Siemens dishwasher has stopped working and my carpet fitter has cancelled fitting the carpet in my halls, stairs and landing. Irrelevant information but just to explain my foul mood.
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By WelshPaul
Breeder wrote: Sun 25th June 2017, 22:01 My Siemens dishwasher has stopped working and my carpet fitter has cancelled fitting the carpet in my halls, stairs and landing. Irrelevant information but just to explain my foul mood.
Thought that stuff only happens to me! :x

So the issue is present over both Ethernet and WiFi connections. The fact that you were able to reply indicates that you do still have some internet access (unless your using your mobile phone) correct?

I will wait for an update on your QOS setting.
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By Breeder
So mysteriously the VOIP issue has resolved itself and everything is working as normal. Did absolutely nothing myself. The conclusion of this thread is that as Paul says Netgear are crap with VoIP. It seems that you cannot do anything to help resolve the issue. Clearly Netgear need to address the issue in future firmware updates.
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By WelshPaul
I was waiting for an update regarding your QOS setting before commenting further.

At one point I thought that maybe voipcheap had suffered a blip and that is why registration dropped for you. sip.voipcheap.co.uk uses multiple addresses so it was possible that the one you were assigned and using had a routing issue. This theory however was blown out of the water once you confirmed that your Voipfone connection had also dropped.

Anyway, moving on, had your QOS been enabled I was going to instruct you to turn it off and if that didn't help, I was going to recommend that you change your routers firewall settings. If that failed, I was going to tell you to send it back!

Hardware and spec wise, Netgear is fine. It's their firmware that sucks!
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By WelshPaul
Yep, good phones too!

The Cisco SPA phones are native SIP phones, you simply log into them just like you do a router and configure them that way. No XML files, no TFTP servers etc.


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