VoIP hardware is developing fast - this is where you ask all those “how do I make my SIP Telephone, Adapter or Asterisk box work with my voip provider?” questions.
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By WelshPaul
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You don't appear to have the file named XMLDefault.cnf.xml in your C:\provisioning directory? It should be there along with the file named SEP001956A3C492.cnf.xml.

XMLDefault.cnf.xml should contain:
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            <member priority="0">
    <loadInformation6 model="IP Phone 7970">SIP70.9-2-1S</loadInformation6>
SEP001956A3C492.cnf.xml should be as per this post, make sure it matches and that you have updated the password.

Just as a FYI, i'm reading reports that there are (or were) issues registering with the v9 sip firmware, I can't find the v8 firmware for download anywhere! I did find v9.3.1, try upgrading the phone to that if the above doesn't help: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AusdiKa87-PC6f9ZZ-RpAdVn9GkHuQ

To upgrade the firmware, use the XMLDefault.cnf.xml file posted here and the SEP001956A3C492.cnf.xml file posted here.

You will need to find SIP70.9-2-1S in both files and replace with SIP70.9-3-1SR4-1S to upgrade the firmware.

If that doesn't work, throw the thing in the bin and get yourself a native SIP phone. ;-)
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By WelshPaul
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Breeder wrote:Upgraded to the v9.3.1 firmware. Still not able to upload the SIP settings.
Now that you have upgraded the firmware, make sure that you replace:
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In both the XMLDefault.cnf.xml and the SEP001956A3C492.cnf.xml files otherwise it won't work. If that doesn't help, try and find the latest v8 firmware files as both the XMLDefault.cnf.xml and SEP001956A3C492.cnf.xml file structure is reported to work with that revision.
Breeder wrote:In Device Configuration->SIP Configuration->Line Settings

It won't let me edit the settings manually. Why not?
There is a reason why these things go so cheap on eBay! The Cisco 7970 isn't a true VoIP SIP phone, they are designed to work with a proprietary network terminal control protocol known as the Skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP). The SIP firmware made available by Cisco doesn't convert them into a fully functional SIP phone, it simply allows them to use the SIP protocol but you still need to configure it via TFTP using XML files. Their features are limited when running SIP firmware and they cannot be configured through a web based GUI or via the device directly.

As I pointed out here, Cisco have NOT released a detailed breakdown of the workings of the 7970 configuration (SEP<mac>.cnf.xml) file. This is because Cisco now generates the SEP files from within Call Manager (CCM). This makes it extremely difficult to configure because the exact structure of the XML files isn't known and can change from one firmware revision to the next. If the structure of the XML files isn't spot on, the phone will not apply the configuration.

https://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Ast ... o+7970+SIP
Please keep in mind that the 7970 is ***EXTREMELY*** sensitive to errors in this file. If there are ***ANY*** errors in the file, then the phone will simply refuse to load it. If you have never configured this phone, it will just act like it has no settings, and will likely display "Unprovisioned" on the screen. If you have previously configured this phone, the phone will revert back to the last settings file it successfully loaded. The symptoms you will notice if this is happening is that any changes you make to the configuration will not take effect. There will also be an error in the status messages.
I don't have a Cisco 7970 and my budget doesn't allow me to purchase one so i'm unable to test further and come up with a working configuration.
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By WelshPaul
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Breeder wrote: Fri 2nd Jun 2017, 21:33 Wondering if you would be interested in trying to setting up the phone if I sent it to you and paid you to do it?
If you're happy to pay postage (including return postage) then I will be more than happy to take a look. There is no need to pay me for my efforts but I offer no guarantees that I can get it to work with Voipcheap.

Drop me a private message if you decide that you want to send me a device to test, I shall send you my address upon receipt of your pm. :thumbsup:
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By WelshPaul
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So @Breeder kindly sent me his Cisco 7970 IP phone and I have spent a few hours working with it over the past couple of days. Unfortunately, I can confirm that these phones will not work with the majority of UK VoIP providers. After extensive testing, I couldn't get it to register with any of the UK VoIP providers I use. E.g. Voipfone, Voicehost, Sipgate, Voipcheap etc...

Read more here: WelshPaul @ Configure a Cisco 7970 for use with FreePBX

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