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By PeeGee
Just trying to set up an Obi110, so came here for the basics. After a bit of finger trouble, loaded the UK settings XML file and the digitmaps and call routing settings - thanks WelshPaul - and then configured the provider details.

Now at the state where PSTN and VoIP incoming calls produce the appropriate LED activity and are logged by the 110, though the Caller Id for PSTN calls is currently missing.

The main problem, however, is that I have been unable to get a dial tone on the attached phone, having tried a corded phone and a DECT cordless - both used with various cables I had available (2 wire XO, 3 wire XO, 4 wire straight) as well as the 4 wire XO supplied. The DECT unit just reports "No Line".

I have the 110 plugged into a CPR Call Blocker which enables the PSTN connection to work - it has two differently configured "phone" ports which overcame the initial connection problem.

I would appreciate suggestions on a way forward, thanks.

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By WelshPaul
Regarding the Caller ID issue, make sure that the CPCTimeThreshold parameter is set to 90 and that the CallerIDTrigger parameter is set to After First Ring. Don't forget to save the changes and reboot your OBi110.
  • Physical Interfaces > LINE Port > PSTN Disconnect Detection > CPCTimeThreshold: 90
  • Physical Interfaces > PHONE Port > Port Settings > CallerIDTrigger: After First Ring
Regarding the no dial tone issue, you should be using the BT to RJ11 cable that came with your corded/DECT telephone along with one of these.

Using an RJ11 to RJ11 from the OBi's phone port to your corded/DECT telephone isn't recommend, even if you get a dial tone there is a possibility that your telephone might not ring when receiving incoming calls. If you insist on going down the RJ11 to RJ11 route, try using a 2 wire straight through cable. What I have found in the past is that some telephones require a crossover cable, others straight through. Not sure why, it might be down to where they were manufactured and what region they were originally designed to be used in. As such, there is no one RJ11 to RJ11 suits all solution for UK users.

It's about time that VoIP ATA manufacturers included a RJ11 TO BT ADAPTER W/RING CAPACITOR when selling within the UK. It's really frustrating waiting for delivery only to find once unboxing the unit that you can't connect your phone to it!

FYI, the 4 wire XO cable that comes with the OBi110 isn't for connecting a corded/DECT telephone to the OBi's phone port, it's for connecting a US PSTN line to the OBi's line port.
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By PeeGee
Thanks for the prompt reply. I have changed the CallerIDTrigger in the phone port as suggested. Will reconnect and try it tomorrow.

After reading your comment about cables, I rearranged the layout, putting the call blocker between the 110 and the phone. Not ideal, but it does have two "line" connections and two "phone" connections with different configurations and found a combination that works. I can now use the lash-up whilst waiting for the adapter, though will revert to no 110 for tonight.

Thanks again,

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