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By Neeco
I purchased a used OBi110 from eBay a couple of weeks ago but so far i've been unable to get it working with my Plusnet telephone line. When it was delivered, it came with the wrong cable! I got one of these:
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Obviously I couldn't plug that into my Plusnet socket so I purchased a ‘UK BT Telephone Plug To RJ11 Socket Adapter Connector Plug Straight Wire Adaptor’ from eBay. Guess what? Yeah, it didn't work! No dialtone, no nothing!?! So I purchased a ‘BT Plug to RJ11 Crossover Telephone Cable’ and that was delivered today, still no dialtone? My OBi is running the latest available firmware v1.3.0 (Build: 2886) and i've uploaded the latest UK settings file posted here. Sipgate is registered to SP1 and I can confirm that I am able to make and receive calls via Sipgate.

Is my line port faulty? Starting to think that i've been sold a lemon! :dunno:

Best answer by WelshPaul » Thu 9th November 2017, 22:56
Purchase one of these. :thumbsup:

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By WelshPaul
Neeco wrote: Fri 10th November 2017, 15:14 Bit pricey at £6.99 when comparing to eBay.
The cables sold on eBay are cheap Chinese rubbish made from poor quality flat stranded cable which is likely going to end up causing issues on your line at some point. If you're OK with that, purchase one. The cables we sell are hand made from good quality CAT5e cable and guaranteed to work with the majority of ATA's. If you do decide to purchase one from eBay, it's unlikely that you will receive the cable that you need, read on from here.
Neeco wrote: Fri 10th November 2017, 15:14 You sure that will work?
Yea! If it doesn't just send it back and we will refund you in full. We will also pay the return postage. :thumbsup:
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