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By iantor
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Just getting started with voip. I am in Toronto. Signed up to voip.ms a while ago, just got my landline number ported over. I have a two line phone (AT&T ML17929), and have configure each of the two ports of the SPA112 to ring on a different phone number. I have used two fifty foot line cords to the phone. I configured the SPA112 to voip.ms specs. Everything on the server side works fine (and soft clients work fine) but the phones don't ring reliably. I have the latest SPA112 firmware. I have tried the recommended adjustments to the SPA112 (from this site: https://wiki.voip.ms/article/Cisco_SPA112) including ring waveform and voltage (I set the ring frequency to 25 based on what I found here: https://toao.net/25-linksys-ata-configuration)

No clear answers from voip.ms. They recommend fully resetting the ATA, and possibly using shorter line cords. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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By WelshPaul
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Hi iantor,

Have you tried setting NAT Keeplive Enable to YES? You will need to reboot the device after making the change.
iantor wrote:possibly using shorter line cords.
Using 50ft line cords to the phone could indeed be the cause! I'm not sure that the SPA112 (or any other) ATA can supply enough ring voltage over such long runs of cable. Worth testing with a short cord just to rule it out?

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