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By jamesg225
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This might be in the wrong topic, so feel free to move.

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to get my Linksys SPA3102 to detect the PSTN disconnect tone that is played when the incoming caller hangs up. Everything else on the device is working perfectly. It is connected to a TalkTalk (BT) landline in the UK. I've been googling around for the past week or so and tried most of the things that I have found.

I've recorded the tone that is played and measured this at 395Hz at -20, but this does not work either. I have been able to get hold of a patton box to also test with and if I set it to detect the busy tone, with the settings below, it works. I have also tried the busy tone string with no luck.
I think I'm missing something obvious here, so any help is appreciated.

PSTN line settings:
Detect CPC: yes
Detect Polarity Reversal: no
Detect PSTN Long Silence:no
Detect VoIP Long Silence: no
PSTN Long Silence Duration: 30
VoIP Long Silence Duration: 30
PSTN Silence Threshold: high
Min CPC Duration: 0.9
Detect Disconnect Tone: yes
Disconnect Tone: 400@30,400@30;2(*/0/1+2)

Patton settings:
play: 375ms, 400Hz, 0db
pause: 375ms

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried to upload pictures but the forum would not allow me to.

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