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By molly
As per my other post I purchased and setup my phone and everything seemed ok until today...

I am experiencing a crackling noise on some (not all) of my incoming calls.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I am hoping the phone I purchased off eBay isn't faulty. :(

Best answer by molly » Fri 31st Jan 2014, 15:42

I replaced the Ethernet cable and cleaned the cord and so far so good. Not sure which one was the culprit, I'm just happy the problem has gone away.

Thanks so much for helping me. :clap:

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By GoofyCyborg
Hard to say, first things I would try:
  1. change codec
  2. Try adding a Nat Proxy or remove the Nat Proxy if already in use
After doing above I would try:
  1. Remove the coiled cord from the handset and base and clean both ends. Then blow into both connection points before reconnecting the cable.
  2. Replace the ethernet cable
  3. if possible try another power adaptor or test the current one to make sure it is providing the required voltage/current
You could also setup a free voip account with a different provider to rule out the issue being with your current voip provider.
By molly
I have tried changing the codec and I added the NAT proxy to the phones settings but it still does it. I will purchase a new ethernet cable later today and give that a try as well as cleaning the phones cord.

I don't have another power supply to test the phone with and I don't really want to buy one, I did try the phone on an old Voiptalk account and it does the same. :(

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