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By AvidPontoon
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Hi All!

I bought an SPA514G from eBay that was ‘locked’ to Vodafone but I have been able to add it to my PBX with no issues.

The problem is the device says customisation: Vodafone. And will try and provision itself every once in a while, is there any way I can reset the customisation?

Factory resets and firmware upgrades do not help!

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By VoipIT
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AvidPontoon wrote:is there any way I can reset the customisation?
When you say reset customisation do you mean flash back to factory stock Cisco firmware? If that is what you meant then the answer is no you cannot. :frowning2:

Vodafone SPA514G user guide:
https://onenet.vodafone.com/infoSiteCon ... e_v2_1.pdf
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By WelshPaul
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It's likely the only way to flash these with Cisco's stock firmware is via JTAG but i'm not aware of anyone doing it, let alone posting a how to unfortunately.

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