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I got 16 DE410 handsets from ebay. Fourteen of them boot ok, the other two display a message showing a fault. Looking for 192.xxx.xxx.xxx for upgrade.

It looks like it is corrupt firmware. I have done the power on-off thing. Nothing.
There is a reset hole on the bottom, should I poke a pin in this to cause a hardware reset?

Does anyone offer training and some setup on this as Sipgate dont seem to offer it. I was looking for a days on site setup/tweaking/training. RG1 2 Location - Reading.

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Your phone is in rescue mode, you need to re-install its firmware using TFTP.

Follow the instructions below. Your Computer needs to be on the same Network as the phone (192.168.1.x).

For Windows users:
  1. Download the latest firmware for your DE410 from the gigaset website
  2. Open a command prompt window (DOS-box)
  3. Navigate to the DIR where the Firmware file you downloaded in step one is located (don't know how? see here)
  4. Type the following: tftp -i <PHONE-IP-address> PUT filename.img
MAC users:
  1. Download the latest firmware for your DE410 from the gigaset website and save it in users home-DIR
  2. Open a Terminal
  3. Type the following commands:
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    connect <PHONE-IP-address>
    rexmt 1
    timeout 60
    put <filename.img>
Obviously replace <PHONE-IP-address> with the actual IP address of your DE410 and filename.img with the actual name of the firmware file you downloaded in step one.

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