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Hey everyone,

I have a real unique problem as far as I can tell. Would be great to get some pointers.

User had an old Panasonic hybrid phone system with a door intercom card. As far as I can tell the intercoms were dumb telephones. Press the button, analog pbx system picks up and the Panasonic card automatically calls all phones on the system.

We’ve replaced the old intercoms with the 2N verso (for obvious reasons) but this last bit of old functionality continues to elude me.

What I’d like to do is to have the 2N ring the same door intercom card when someone rings the doorbell. I’ve so far figured out that I need an FXO port on the grand stream HT813 to connect to the door intercom card where the old phone would have connected before.

However the configuration of the HT813 is a mystery.

Closest use case that Grandstream gas is this http://www.grandstream.com/sites/defaul ... _HT813.pdf

But that configuration doesn’t work so far. The 2n reports busy when dialing a numeric digit or no connection after a few seconds when dialing an address@domain format. Nothing happens on the Panasonic side and status on the HT813 doesn’t change.

HT813 has minimal logging but I’ll be trying to set up Syslog and packet traces next. But figured I’d toss this out there in case anyone has any tips.

Grandstream support has been minimally helpful... :rolling_eyes:

Hi @Mike-tsp, Sorry for the late response to your request for help, I've been so busy as of late. Did you get anywhere with this, do you still need help?

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