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By farnhill
Hi guys

Hope you can help. I "inherited" an ATL IP200 phone so thought I'd give it a go. At the moment our voip numbers are diverted to mobiles which isn't ideal for us really.

The problem: After plugging the phone into our server, it's trying to log on to ATL Telecom, and I can't get into any menus.

I downloaded the user guide, which gives instructions on how to get onto the webpage for the phone, but the given password is incorrect.

Does anyone have any idea how I can factory reset this phone?


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By GoofyCyborg
To Factory Reset an ATL IP200:
  1. Unplug the power and wait for 10 seconds
  2. Hold * Key on the phone
  3. While holding the * key, plug the power back in - You will see a * and two bars
  4. Press #5*5 to reset and reboot it.
Default Password is - 12345678

Its worth noting that the call volume can rapidly increase and decrease in a call. This is caused by flakey 'Automatic Echo Cancellation' It can be disabled by unticking the 'AEC' box in the interface.
By farnhill
First of all thanks for the quick response, however...

I've done the "factory reset" numerous times now, and once the phone is booted up, I'm still seeing the previous owner's number on the screen.

I have tried following both the manual-set-up (via the phone) and on-line set-up (via the internet), as described in ATL's quick-start guide (available from: http://www.atltelecom.com/support/voice,1), but when I try to go in through the phone, it doesn't seem to save anything, and when I try to type the IP into the URL bar, it can't find the page!

Any suggestions would be appreciated as this has been driving me crazy since December!

Thank you

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