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Good afternoon,

I'm looking for some assistance with setting up a Cisco 8841-3PCC with Asterisk. Every reference I've seen on this forum in regards to TFTP Booting the phone refers to the classic XMLDefault.xml but this phone seems to request 8841-3PCC.xml and then it's individual config Cisco/CP-8841-3PCC/<mac>.cfg from the TFTP server. Can anyone help with generating these files or pointing me in the correct direction? Or is there something I'm fundamentally missing with this phone.

For reference:

Product Name: CP-8841-3PCC-K9
Serial: FCH2421DFFT
Software Version: sip88xx.11-2-3MSR1-1.loads
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By WelshPaul
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You have the 3PCC (3rd Party Call Control) series with Multiplatform Firmware.
(The latest version for your phone is 11.3.4 - If you want it let me know.)

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with this series and so I need to do some research on it. :nerd:

In the meantime, go through the MPP admin guides as that contains much information on the subject.

You can generate the default xml on the phone itself using the following URL:

Post that here and I will get back to you. 👍
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Thanks Paul. I've been able to access the web interface and I've tried to get the device to do a firmware load over TFTP(to at least bring this up to date) but I see the following error:

8574 NOT Apr 17 00:25:04.003985 (11608:11608) dgetimage-astat = -1, realfname=sip88xx.11-7-1-17.loads, buf->offset=0
8575 NOT Apr 17 00:25:04.004002 (11608:11608) dgetimage-GETIMG-DEBUG auth astat:[-1], VFY_SUCCESS:0
8576 NOT Apr 17 00:25:04.004015 (11608:11608) dgetimage-GETIMG: astat: -1, buf->status:47, VFY_SUCCESS:0
8577 NOT Apr 17 00:25:04.004029 (11608:11608) dgetimage-GETIMG: returned with 47
8578 NOT Apr 17 00:25:04.004875 (11572:11572) img-pfs-&&&done dd_get_image_ replies 47
8579 ERR Apr 17 00:25:04.004916 (11572:11572) img-pfs-LOAD6 [offset:-47] downdload image file failure.
8580 NOT Apr 17 00:25:04.011498 (11608:11608) dgetimage-DDGETIMG.RESULT [_47_ Image component failed security authentication.
8581 NOT Apr 17 00:25:04.012993 (351:351) downd-SOCKET accept errno=4 "Interrupted system call"
8582 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.005041 (11572:11572) img-pfs-closing child 0
8583 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.005092 (11572:11572) img-pfs-Child 0 already closed
8584 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.005107 (11572:11572) img-pfs-closing child 1
8585 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.005118 (11572:11572) img-pfs-Child 1 already closed
8586 ERR Apr 17 00:25:05.012537 (11572:11572) img-pfs-EXITING...
8587 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.013049 ==========================================
8588 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.013068 image-[err:47] IMAGE <<<FAIL>>>.
8589 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.013079 _47_ Image component failed security authentication.

8590 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.013089 ==========================================
8591 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.050520 (11632:11632) imgpfs: -ebr-active = 11-2-3MSR1-1
8592 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.050698 (11632:11632) imgpfs: -Active = 1
8593 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.054903 (11632:11632) imgpfs: -ebr_a [80] sip88xx.11-2-3MSR1-1.loads
8594 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.059202 (11632:11632) imgpfs: -ebr_b [81] cert.os.mfg.drop
8595 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.083999 (11572:11572) img-pfs-Post-Image Archive of Logs
8596 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.132378 (11539:11539) dimg-IMAGE.actualserver []
8597 NOT Apr 17 00:25:05.145074 (687:798) voice-fprv_download_file_img image download <<<FAIL>>> [47] _47_ Image component failed security authentication.

I suspect though based upon your response above, the 11.7.1 firmware is too late for the phone which may account for this error. Would you be able to provide the last firmware which means the device will work on Asterisk? That might be a good place to start :)

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By WelshPaul
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Before we go any further...

Can you verify that the device has a valid factory-installed device certificate: Applications > Status> Product Info > Certificate. Scroll down to look for the message Certificate: Installed. If you do not see this, the phone cannot be provisioned for use.

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