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By iamthecount
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So the guy who set up my snom system using voipfone has disappeared and there's some handsets I can't log into as I'm trying to work out how to update them.

I'm guessing I can reset them to factory, but I really don't have the expertise to reinstall them again I think.

I know the IP address, but I've tried "admin" and "admin" and no joy so I suspect they have a certain login and password - is there a way to get access to them somehow?
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By @UKVoIPForums
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Try: 0000 (4 zeros)

Did you purchase the handsets from Voipfone? If you did, the handsets should be registered on Voipfone's provisioning server and they should be able to change the password back to "admin" for you (remotely - unless your guy disabled provisioning too).

Failing that you will have to factory reset the devices. You can use the Voipfone setup wizard to configure them for you, takes a few seconds:
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By WelshPaul
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Did you try the default password 0000 ?
iamthecount wrote:looking at the instructions its not clear which I need to download. That said, on the desk phone it states I have snom760-SIP
You don't need to change the firmware version.
  1. Factory reset the phone
  2. Go here, scroll down the page, enter the IP address of the phone and run the setup wizard.
  3. Your done!

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