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By b0bblehat

I've noticed there is a bit of a delay whilst using the VoIP during calls, is there a way to reduce this, for example by using a different codec? I have a Snom M9 (pair of DECT phones) connected to VM 30mbit/3mbit service.



Best answer by b0bblehat » Tue 4th March 2014, 20:00

I installed an update for the M9 and the handsets which seems to have fixed the problem. It did happen all the time, so don't think it was a bandwidth issue.

I'll let you know if its still a problem.


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By GoofyCyborg
Does the echo occur all the time or does it vary? It may be that heavy traffic on your internet connection is causing the issue. Reducing the codec may help, but its worth trying to get to the bottom of the problem before altering it.

Are you running the latest firmware?

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