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My pap2 device has been working for a few years and now suddenly has the RED LED light on the power status permanently- I am not sure how this problem happend. If you replug it, it might start flashing lights and cycle through but then again thats all it will do like it is stuck in this mode. It seems it may be power related issue.

Luckily I had another pap2 which I started using that now.

You cannot get the IVR **** or reset the device
Power led -> RED
Ethernet led -> Blue (although cable is disconnected)
Phone 1 -> not lit (although the phone is connected to this port)
Phone 2 -> not lit (as expected)

anyone went through this or more importantly fixed it?


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By WelshPaul
I suspect you have a fake/counterfit PAP2, the market was flooded with these fake Chinese crap and I'm sure this is the reason why Cisco scrapped the PAP2(T) and replaced it with the Cisco SPA112. The fake one's were prone to overheating and I'm sure that is the cause of the red led.

The device over heats and causes physical damage to the internal components, as a result the device fails its power on self test and the result is the red led. :thumbsdown:

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