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By Hamal
Hello, can anyone help me with a problem of IP phone SIP configuration. I have no experience of telecoms and I am hoping you can assist.

Having successfully re-programmed a Cisco 7940 IP phone from SCCP to 3.8.12 SIP for use at home, I acquired a another unit for a family member.

This second unit is already programmed with the same version of SIP firmware so I assumed I could simply reuse the same two SIP configuration files (SIPMAC.cnf and SIPDefault.cnf) with the necessary adjustments (changed MAC address etc.) to configure it. I therefore removed four files from the tftpboot directory leaving the only the above two mentioned files.

This unit was connected to the same Windows XP netbook running the same TFTP server as my first successful flashing – but I am having no success at all with the second unit.

Can you advise as to whether I have made the correct assumptions.

Contents of tftpboot directory

Files removed from tftpboot directory



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