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By spalletto
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Just wondering if anyone is using Snom 821 phones.

Snom describe them as their new generation of phones, and the features and look appears nice. But I note that voipfone don't currently sell them.

Has anyone used them successfully on voipfone and any feedback on their use?

One thing is that it doesn't look as if there are 12 buttons for extension busy status etc like there are on the 320 / 360. But the features advertise 12, I'm wondering if there are 4 on display but you scroll down the screen to see the rest?
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By WelshPaul
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I have a Snom 821 in my living room running firmware v8.7.5.9 registered against a Voipfone extension and it works just as reliably as any of the Snom 3xx series sold by voipfone. Why don't Voipfone sell them? No idea, maybe they make better profits selling the 3xx series? Although I suspect they would be simply too expensive if Voipfone sold them and sales would be low compared to the 3xx series.

You are correct though... there are only four buttons and not twelve, however all twelve extensions are displayed on screen. It's implemented pretty well TBH, you could always purchase a Snom vision expansion module as shown here: http://www.snom.com/en/products/snom-ac ... om-vision/
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By spalletto
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Hi Paul,

Ah right thanks for responding. I have found a Snom 821 on ebay at a very good price and I'm thinking of swapping out a Snom 320 I purchased from Voipfone.

I have since watched a few videos over on youtube and it looks like a nice peace of kit. Think I will bite the bullet and treat myself!

Anyone tried a Fanvil H2U?

Thank you :grinning:

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