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By mylesm
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Hello New member here great forum

I recently purchased an OBI-100 and its working great as my home phone I have a DID number with my VOIP service provider

I live in Ireland I downloaded the config file from OBITALK forum which I believe came from here

I am struggling to get call forwarding to work when I enable the call forward unconditional checkbox and put number to forward to in the text box

submit and reboot obi then if I call phone with my mobile it just disconnects call does not ring or go through, uncheck call forward and submit, call phone and it rings fine

any ideas appreciated


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By WelshPaul
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Ok... On the obi1032 to enable call forward you need to have setup another SPx and use this to forward the call. In on SP1 > Out on SP2...

Enter the number in the following SP2(0123456789) format in the CallForwardUnconditionalNumber field. Calls that come in on the OBi now get forwarded to telephone number 0123456789 via SP2.

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