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By Craig

I am wondering if anyone has ever had an issue will constant crackling and popping sounds on the line connection of their obi110?

I have had the unit since March and everything seemed to be working fine until few days ago when a once clear line now crackles constantly.
The unit is setup to intercept calls from our bt line and transfer the call to one of our voipfone numbers which is setup for a call group, no incoming calls go through to the 'ph' connection unless the voipfone extension that the obi is assigned is dialled from another voipfone extension.
Calls placed on the 'ph' line are placed directly into 'line'.

We have no issues with making or receiving calls on our voipfone extensions but if a call comes into the obi via our bt line it crackles constantly on Cisco phones, this crackling is also present when a call is placed via a dect handset connected to 'ph'.

The line is clear for incoming and outgoing calls when the obi is removed from the circuit and dect phone goes directly into the bt socket.

I have tried hard resetting the obi using the push pin button underneath but crackling is present on 'ph' line directly after hard reset so leaning towards faulty obi unit, I have swapped out all the cables going from bt socket and obi as well as obi to dect phone with no change.

Has anyone came across this issue before or have any other thoughts on how it may be resolved?

Thanks in advance.


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By GoofyCyborg
The first thing to do is to rule out a fault on the BT line itself, do this by plugging a corded phone directly into the BT master socket. I see you have already done this and that the line works ok. :thumbsup:

Next... Do you have any ADSL filters or BT adaptors plugged into the BT socket? Remove everything and just plug the OBi110 directly into the BT socket and test the line, do this by dialing 17070 and select quiet line test from the options available.

Is the noise still present? Well only thing to do now is to replace the cable going from the BT socket to the OBi110 and test again.
By Craig
I have tried another complete set of cables going to and from the obi unit ie bt socket to obi and obi to phone with no change.
Replaced the micro filter for brand new unit again no change.

The noise is present as soon as the obi changes to the actual line dial tone onwards, the obi built in dial tone is clear.
Crackling starts as switch over takes place for instance when # is pressed or when an actual number is dialed as normal for example.

I am leaning towards the obi itself being cause and it being faulty but thought I would see if I missed anything obvious.
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By WelshPaul
White noise on the OBi110 PSTN appears to be a common problem. In almost all cases I have come across the only fix has been a replacement.

Others have said that this has solved similar problems. You might want to give it a try. Let us know if it works.

Make this default setting: OBi's Ethernet ports to 100 mb/s full duplex

Is your OBi110 still under warranty?
By Craig
Ok I have tried another few things with the unit as well as bringing it home to try on completely different line and different phone handsets, still getting crackling through the line port.

I tried another hard reset on the unit and setup all the settings again for uk again as well as the voipfone extension, changed PH to send calls out on SP1 and the call is clear similar to our other Cisco handsets.
Same result a clear call when a call is received on SP1 and sent through to the PH.

Changed the network connection speed but same result as expected as it seems to be an issue strictly with the obi's line electronics which up until recently was clear and no crackling was present.

The unit should still be under warranty as it was only purchased in march this year but not sure how I would go about getting the unit RMA'd as it was bought via the only Obihai UK reseller amazon which appears to only accept returns for the first month.
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By WelshPaul
I dropped Mark over at Obihai an email with a link to this thread. I'm sure your device is faulty and as it's under warranty it's best you get it replaced. I'm not sure what Obihai's replacement policy or procedure is here in the UK as their site seems to be based towards the US.

As you purchased it via Amazon I assume you need to raise a return through amazon.co.uk. Hopefully Mark can confirm if it's amazon.co.uk or obihai.com you need to go through.


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