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By mylesm

Still learning OBI-100

Recently I have been getting a lot of Spam Calls and One reason I purchased an OBI-100 was to try to block them

I followed this http://www.toao.net/503-blocking-telema ... an-obi-ata

and it works great I now have a user defined digit map called BlockSpam and I enter all the spam numbers into it and then my

X_InboundCallRoute is {(MBlockSpam):sp1(300)},{ph}

This sends any number in BlockSpam File to my SP1 extension 300 which is a crazy monkeys recording works great

Problem is The BlockSpam FIle is getting big

Most of the numbers are coming from 001xxxxxxxxxxx which is international

I get calls from relatives in canada which show as 001604xxxxx and these are the only 001 calls I want to get through

Is there a way to only allow 001604xxxx and block all other 001 calls

here is the contents of my BlockSpam file so far
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If I could block all 001 except 001604 then I would not have to add numbers to my BlockSpam File as the come in


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By WelshPaul
Of the top of my head try this:
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I think that should block all 001 numbers matching 001xxxxxxxxxxx but allow 001604xxxxxxxx numbers through.
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The above should also work, numbers starting with 001 but shorter in length. Again numbers starting with 001604 of any length will be allowed to ring through.

Not tested this myself so let me know if it works. :thumbsup:
By mylesm

My Current

X_InboundCallRoute is {(MBlockSpam):sp1(300)},{ph}

This allows Digit map BlockSpam divert to SP1 300 I wanted to keep this facility as I can add numbers to Digit map as and when needed but I wanted to also add in your new code to block 001 numbers but allow 001604


Where in the new code do I put the orignal MBlockSpam

Thanks Again

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By WelshPaul
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Simply put a | after the xx. and add your MBlockSpam numbers.
By mylesm
No Joy Paul

If I have {(MBlockSpam):sp1(300)},{ph}

and I put my mobile number in BLockSpam digit map and call home using my mobile it gets diverted to 300 great

If I replace with {(001[012345789][123456789][012356789]xx.|MBlockSpam):sp1(300)},{ph} and with my mobile still in BlockSpam it now gets through and rings home phone

Any ideas

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By WelshPaul
Did you save and reboot?

I just entered {(001[012345789][123456789][012356789]xx.|MYMOBILENUMBER):sp1(166)},{ph} into the X_InboundCallRoute of SP1 on my OBi202 and it worked just fine. Calling SP1 from my mobile resulted in the call being diverted and answered by my anti spam on 166 without my home phones ever ringing.

I have a OBi100 boxed away I can dig out tomorrow and test this on, drop me a pm with the full dialplan your using in the X_InboundCallRoute field.
By mylesm
sorry Paul

PM not going

heres my dialplan
Hi Paul

I have this in SP1 X_InboundCallRoute


MBlockSPam Contains


When I call my home phone rings

iF I replace inboundcallroute with


and call again it diverts to 300

Thanks again

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By WelshPaul
I got both PM's from you. :)

Just to make sure you don't have any () brackets in your MBlockSpam string do you?
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It should be in the format as shown above.
By mylesm

BlockSpam is User Defined Digit map2 and I intended to use it to store numbers I wanted to block

it contains at the moment this (mymobilenumber) including Brackets

Idea was to add numbers as I needed to

inbound call route {(MBlockSpam):sp1(300)},{ph}

call with mymobile and get diverted to 300

if i change to {(001[012345789][123456789][012356789]xx.|MBlockSpam):sp1(300)},{ph}

and call Phone Rings no diversion

If I change to {(001[012345789][123456789][012356789]xx.|MYMOBILENUMBER):sp1(300)},{ph}

call and it diverts to 300

in this latest


thats the same idea as using BLockSPam I could just keep adding numbers here as required its really the same to do anyway

Is there a limit to how many yet another numbers you can add

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By WelshPaul
This is how you should have it set:
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SP1 Service > X_InboundCallRoute: {(MBlockSpam):sp1(300)},{ph}

User Defined Digit Maps> User Defined Digit Map2 >

Label: BlockSpam
DigitMap: (001[012345789][123456789][012356789]xx.|0876855227)
Tested on my OBi202 and it works just fine, it should works the same way on the 1xx series.
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