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By Jonah-Bigby
We have a number of Snom handsets (mostly Snom 160s) and would like to be able to change the ringtone of the internal ringer when receiving internal calls from other Internal extension. Our biggest issue is that other staff don't know when it is a normal incoming call or an internal transferred call to them.


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By WelshPaul
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You can achieve what your looking to do but I need a little more information. Are you using a PBX suite such as asterisk or freepbx? or a hosted PBX Such as Voipfone?
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By WelshPaul
In that case you're going to have to make some changes to each of the phones individually and there are some limitations...

Your going to need to add your Voipfone extensions to the address book - e.g. Name: Sales, Number: 200, Group: Work

Navigate to Preferences > Directory Ringtones > "Work": and change the default value of Ringer 1 to Ringer 2 and save the changes.

Now if extension 200 receives a call from 201 the ringtone played will be Ringtone 2. When you transfer a call, the callee will need to see the extension number of the person transferring the call and not the original customers number.

To do this you're probably going to have to use "attended" transfer instead of "blind" transfer? Try this: On an incoming call, put the caller on hold, dial the internal number, and only transfer the call after callee answered. That should trigger the ringer 2.

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