VoIP hardware is developing fast - this is where you ask all those “how do I make my SIP Telephone, Adapter or Asterisk box work with my voip provider?” questions.
Hi, Ive just logged into my SPA112 and Im a bit confused, Ive looked at the pictures you show here but my Admin Tab only shows Web Access not all the other things like firmware update etc, how can I update firmware if there is nothing showing for it in the admin tab???
Check to make sure that you are indeed logged in as the administrator of the device and not a user. (A user account has limited access to features and options)

See this post.

Where did you get your device from? Is it an unlocked unit? If you purchased it from a VoIP provider it may be locked down so you won't have full access to the GUI.
I logged in with username and password admin/admin
The box comes from a service provider, I paid outright for it and have dumped the provider, I have done a reset (factory?) with the red button accessed with a pen at the rear, I couldnt log in prior to that and I think they changed the passowrd for the admin access. I can see everything else, except all the options (Except web access) on the admin tab.
Try lifting the receiver and dial ****

Then enter 73738

This will reset the device, don't connect it to the Internet when doing this though as I suspect it is pulling a Config file from your previous VoIP provider which may be preventing you accessing the devices full features.

Who was the VoIP provider that sold you the device?
The device sounds like it is definetly locked down. ITSP generally run custom firmware, incorporating their provisioning server information as well as limited user access.

If you can tell us what ITSP provided you with the unit we may be able to let you know if they lock the device down or not. Or try emailing them and ask them directly, they may unlock it for free for you or at the very least confirm if the device is restricted or not.

What firmware version is it running?
Ok, great idea but...
Im in Spain and the Provider is pure Wifi, they are called SVint, I would bet no one outside my local area has even heard of them.
The reason Im trying to upgrade the firmware is because the total pain in the *Bleep* they are. They NEVER reply to emails, they dont have a customer care or service outlook. Asking them for the lockdown details is like asking if I can get free internet for the next 10 years, Thats why I have left them and Im trying to set up this box to work with other providers. The firmware in the box is 1.0.2 (006) from Oct 2011, wheich Im told is not a great firmware because of the issues it has, hence my reason for upgrading it, I think Im snookered!
That is some really old firmware! :o

What browser are you using to access the device? Use Internet explorer if you have not done so already as I know there were issues accessing some parts of the GUI with any other browser. (Worth a shot)

And your correct, never heard of Svint. :)
WelshPaul wrote:Use Internet explorer if you have not done so already as I know there were issues accessing some parts of the GUI with any other browser.
I just found this: https://supportforums.cisco.com/documen ... g-possible

Device may not be locked down after all. (We need a crossed fingers smiley face lol)

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