VoIP hardware is developing fast - this is where you ask all those “how do I make my SIP Telephone, Adapter or Asterisk box work with my voip provider?” questions.
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By symphony63
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trying to set up a generic sip provider on obi202 but it's failing to register.

These are the settings for Linksys/Sipurs ata.
Proxy: sip.xxxxxx.net
Make calls without Reg: yes
Register exprires: 600
User ID: 5-digit numeric username
Password: your SIP password (not website password)
User Auth ID: yes
Auth ID: 5-digit numeric username
Preferred Codec: G711u
Use pref codec only: Yes
NAT mapping and NAT keep alive: YES
I'm wondering what I missed
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By symphony63
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I rather not publicise. Not a UK company.
I entered the following info
Service Provider Proxy Server sip.xxxxxx.net
Service Provider Proxy Server Port 5060
Outbound Proxy Server sip.xxxxxx.net
Outbound Proxy Server Port 5060
User Name 67807
Password xxxxxxxxx
URI 67807
do I have to change anything in obi expert?
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By WelshPaul
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Most generic sip providers only require a proxy server, user id and password. (Everything else left at defaults)

A nat proxy is not always required, I always recommend not adding one unless It's needed. You should always confirm what the nat proxy address is as some providers use the same address as the proxy server and others will have a dedicated nat address. e.g nat.xxxxxx.net

What does the log show? Is there an error code? Have you double checked to make sure your user id and password is correct?

If you cannot get your device to register with just a sip proxy address, user id and password then try adding the outbound proxy (nat address) but don't forget to save and reboot. If your device still will not register the next step would be to add the URI under credentials in the following format: userid@sip.xxxxxx.net and once again save and reboot.

If your still not having any luck try adding the sip.xxxxxx.net proxy to the RegistrarServer field and UserAgentDomain field. (Can be found under Obi expert)

A little bit of advice... I always find out what the IP address is of the proxy server and enter the IP address in the proxy server field rather than any address such as sip.xxxxxx.net, prevents any potential DNS issues later down the road.

The Sipura configuration in your original post on an Obi would be:

ITSP Profie X > SIP >
ProxyServer: sip.xxxxxx.net
RegisterExpires: 600

Voice Services > SPx Service >
X_NoRegNoCall: No Tick

Voice Services > SIP Credentials >
AuthUserName: 67807
URI: 67807@sip.xxxxxx.net
X_EnforceRequestUserID: Tick

G711U codec is set as the default codec with the Obi202.
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By WelshPaul
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Probably because you configured it via Obi expert. I configure my devices locally as I ran in to a few issues when configuring via he obitalk portal! The most annoying issue being told my device was offline when it was clearly inline and configurable via obittalk.

If your using the obitalk portal get used to incorrect statuses, setup your generic sip provider again via obitalk and then enter obi expert and make the necessary changes that you couldn't via the portal wizard. You should be good then.

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