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By Youmvil
Hello, we recently switched our voip service to Voipfone but we just re-configured the existing Yealink SIP-T28P handsets. However, we are finding we cannot do call pickup on an unattended ringing extension.
When someone elses phone rings, if I try picking up my phone and press the 'GPickup' softkey I get an audio message 'sorry you could not be connected please try again'. The other extension continues to ring.
If I just dial **280 (the ringing extension) it briefly displays 'connecting' on the LCD but nothing happens. It also seems to cut off the other phone too.
We have 1 snom phone, tried a call pickup on that one, & its working fine, which suggests an issue with the Yealinks. Any suggestions much appreciated.


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By Youmvil
Hi, thanks for your help, got it working (more or less).
In the Yealink settings I disabled call pickup (settings > call pickup) and under dial plan (features > dial plan > dial now) enter **2xx.
Then when a phone starts ringing, dial **280 or whatever as per Voipfone's instructions, then my phone starts ringing, press the 'answer' soft key and the call gets put through.
To be honest the Voipfone call pickup feature is not ideal, as when picking up a call you can't always tell which one is ringing halfway across the office, but that's for another forum, I'm just happy its working.
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By WelshPaul
I think Voipfone's call pickup feature is aimed towards those who use ATA's. (Analouge Telephone Adapters)

Users of IP phones such as the Cisco, Snom and Yealink range would make use of busy lamps to identify a ringing phone and pickup the call, because Voipfone's cloud PBX doesn't follow SIP protocol and doesn't have the "Subscription-State" header it doesn't work with most hardware on the market. See here.


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