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By Atrytazor

On my Snom 300 I can hear myself when I talk on the phone - it's a really annoying echo.

Is there a setting that I can turn off somewhere? When I got to put the phone down you can head a loud pitch squelch (like when you put a mic next to a speaker)!

Any ideas?

Best answer by Atrytazor » Mon 16th Feb 2015, 11:47
Thanks Paul that helped.

For anyone who's interested, I adjusted the following setting: Advanced - Audio (Tab) - Audio (Section): Headset Mic Volume from a '7' to a '6' and now I have no more echo on calls. :)

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By WelshPaul
Sounds like your mic volume is too high.

Try turning it down in the the advanced page of the snom's phone web interface.
By sbatz1972
This has got to be one of the most annoying things about VoIP. I think it is my biggest complaint. When I have an echo on the phone of myself, it seems the person I am speaking to cannot hear me too well and me them. I think it might be because the technology is fairly new. It might also be a bad connection with the users Internet.


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