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By gsmlnx

New user and I am in the process for setting up my Obi200. I have update manually to the latest firmware.

I have used the latest XML file to set up the UK parameters and added 2 VOIP providers (voipfone as SP1 and sipgate as SP2). Obi shows both as registered.

However when I dial **210000 on my handset, instead of getting Sipgate , all I get is a cannot be connect message. The call history on the Obi says

"10:34:32 From PH1 To SP1(0000)
10:34:33 Call Connected
10:34:38 Call Ended"

So it is not connecting via SP2 and also losing the leading 1 in the sipgate number.

Any ideas as the dial plans/routes have not been changed by myself but are the ones in the XML configuration file.


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By WelshPaul
Are you sure your number 2 button is working on the phone itself?

The reason why i say this is that it looks like when your dialing **210000 it detects **10000 (missing out the digit 2) and thats why you're seeing 0000 in the call logs and the call is being passed over SP1. (**1 passes calls over SP1)

Also try reloading the UK XML file on to the device again. viewtopic.php?f=25&t=369
By gsmlnx
Chalk one up for my not thinking things through. When testing, I was just plugging the lead from the master BT socket into the Obi and forgot that there is a call blocker machine linked to the DECT base station. Hence it was eating the **21 and passing the rest to the Obi.


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