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By kaiuk
Got a big dilemma now. We're using IP Office and i've programmed the system to go into night service from evening to morning. I've recently been told that we're not getting any messages so when i tried to call it from home in the evening - it says sorry, the number you are trying to call is unavailable.

It should go into voicemail, but instead it is killing the phone number. Has anyone got any ideas on getting night service working again?! :?:
By kaiuk
It is supposed to go to voicemail. I found out why it was out of service (not technical issue) and it is now in service. However, it is still not going into voicemail which it is supposed to. It does work if done manually on the actual phone, but not when programmed on the server to come on automatically at a scheduled time.

Now all it does is go into a continuous ring, when it is supposed to get a small message saying hello, please leave a message after the beep.
By kaiuk
It seems to be working again. I spoke to the technical services and they created another hunt group to receive these calls and redirect the voicemail messages. It sounded like an Indian call centre and the service is usually hit and miss, but this time the support was excellent and they managed to sort this problem.

Can't remember what the logic was, but it needed a dummy hunt group just to handle the calls made during night service. I'm just glad it works now!
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