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By Pete33
Hi all, new to the forums. I bought an obi110 as a means to block nuisance calls on my virgin pstn line.
Got the ATA and a couple of usa-uk adapters, loaded up the latest UK XML configuration file from these forums and connected it all up.
I've set a static ip and can connect on the web interface.
I get green line and phone leds on the adapter. When I pick up the handset(a bt dect wireless) I get a dial tone. I have tried entering some * codes to control the ATA via the handset and i'm getting expected responses back.
The trouble is when I dial out I get nothing, just a short pause then a constant tone follwed by an alternating tone. When I dial in to the pstn no. using my mobile I get a ringing sound but the home phone doesn't ring, the lights on the ATA don't change. Outbound call appears in call history, inbound call doesn't.

The only obviously incorrect thing I can see in the web interface is on the 'Line and phone status' page. Here the line port status is always 'ringing' no matter what.

Could anyone give me some pointers on what might be the issue here?



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By GoofyCyborg
That should be fine. Sometimes people use a cable from another device as they don't always have an adaptor to hand.

There are two things i recommend you check in the meantime:-

1. Physical Interfaces > PHONE Port > PrimaryLine: PSTN Line

2. Physical Interfaces > LINE Port > InboundCallRoute: ph

The first parameter passes all outbound calls over the VM PSTN line and the second parameter sends all incomming calls received via the VM PSTN line to the telephone connected to the OBi110.

WelshPaul knows more about these than me so hopefully he will be along soon with some tips. :)
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By WelshPaul
Do you get the Virgin Media dial tone when you dial a single '#' on the phone plugged into the OBi110? If not read on...

Can you do a full factory reset on your OBi110 and once it has rebooted try and make an outgoing call. The OBi110 by default uses the PSTN line for outbound calls. It should work without making any changes, if not there is either an issue with your physical setup where the cable comes out of the OBi110 line port to your VM master socket or your OBi110 is faulty.

If your still unable to dial out after a full factory reset try an inbound call and see if that works. Post back :)
By Pete33
Factory reset done via Sys.Management>Device update>Reset configuraion
Same results as before though. Tones i get when dialing out are slightly different but the call doesn't get through.
Dialing in also as before, ringing heard on mobile but nothing happening on the ata or home phone.
The line port status still says ringing.
By Pete33
Small update after I reread your post - was a bit hasty and missed the first line.
Not quite sure what you meant by dialing a single #. As its a cordless i don't get a dial tone unless i press the phone key. If I press that I hear the dial tone, dialing # after 'picking up' doesn't go anywhere. Dialing # without 'picking up' does nothing.
Interesting to note that I am getting the dial tone whether the pstn line is plugged in or not. Maybe i am misunderstanding this and the obi produces it's own dial tone?
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By WelshPaul
When you press the phone key and hear the initial dial tone this is not the dial tone of your Virgin Media phone line but the OBi110 generated dial tone. When you press the phone key to get a dialtone press the # key on your phones keypad and you should hear the VM dial tone?
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By WelshPaul
Ok this is good kinda, when you get that other dialtone try dialing 150 which I think is the number for Virgin Media customer services. Does it connect?
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By WelshPaul
Ok well lets try one last thing but i doubt it will make any difference, install the UK XML file from this link download/file.php?id=341

Once installed and rebooted press the phone key to get a dialtone, press # on your phones keypad and when you hear that dial tone dial 150 again. (Once you loaded the UK settings that second dialtone should be quicker to appear)

I have an OBi110 in my desk draw, i will get it out in the morning and see if I can replicate your issue or fix it. :)

EDIT: Out of interest do you have any old cables laying around? I was going to say try replacing the cable that goes from the phone port on the OBi110 to the VM master socket. An old cable off an old phone laying around might work. :)
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By WelshPaul
Give that a try when you can, i'm convinced your OBi110 isn't connected to your landline correctly. You wouldn't be the first to have a problem with the supplied cable! It's always possible there is a hardware fault with the device's PSTN port but my money would be on the cable. Will post back tomorrow with results and any further suggestions that I think of. :)


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