VoIP hardware is developing fast - this is where you ask all those “how do I make my SIP Telephone, Adapter or Asterisk box work with my voip provider?” questions.
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By pwarbi
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Think I might have bitten off more than I can chew here...
For somebody with very limited knowledge on the subject, what would you guys use as a bog standard, basic setup to get somebody started. I got chatting to a friend about the subject and he was blown away by the technology and said he'd be interested in setting himself up. The trouble is, put it this way, he struggles using a mobile phone, let alone anything else!
I'm looking for let's call it a starter system to ease him into it gently. I wouldn'tsay money is no object but he's got enough cash to play with so cost isn't an issue.
Any ideas and help would be much appreciated...
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By SteveAtVoIP2Go
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I would suggest you find a VoIP provider that offers something called a Provisioning service. Provisioning is a process that allows you to download settings into a VoIP adapter so that you as the end user do not have to worry about how everything is setup.

Go online and purchase a Cisco SPA112 VoIP adapter, download settings from your VoIP providers provisioning server, connect a normal phone handset and start making calls ;-)
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