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By Milanees
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I have 3 extensions with Voipfone
2 are from the same number via IVR (two options) and the last has its own number

I have 2 X Snom320 and 1 X Snom 370

I want to assign a name for each "line1,line2,line3" etc that shows up on the phone so we know which number has been called / extension option on IVR has been selected.

I want to configure it so that for EVERY Call all 3 phones ring and display the above name, which obviously allows the person who answers the phone to give the relevant response, i.e. welcome to Sales, Technical, Company B etc

For Company B option (separate phone number extension) i want a different ring tone.

Also a weird one is that a customer gets to the IVR (If they dial that number) and they choose option 1 or 2, the phones all ring to say incoming call and the top led lights to say that line has a call waiting, but if the call isn't answered straight away after a minute or so the light goes out and the phone stops ringing, if the customer continues to hold in the queue then eventually all the phones start ringing again and the light comes back on and so on.
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By Milanees
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this is what we have enabled atm

main number -> IVR -> Line Presentation -> Line Presentation Enabled

Individual Number -> Ring Extension Group -> Line Presentation Enabled

Call Queueing Enabled

Option 1 or Option 2 both go to Call Queue

All Extensions in Same Call Group

Snom 370 has identity 1 configured as Extension 2
Snom 320(1) has identity 1 configured as Extension 1
Snom 320(2) has identity 1 configured as Extension 3

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