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By sparklet
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Hi all
I have a number of Linksys SPA942 phones connected to Voipfone. I am encountering issues with the phones loosing registration randomly with the line LEDs going orange. A strange behaviour I have noticed when playing with the phones' various configuration parameters is that these seem to be re-registering every 47 seconds as seen on the HTTP info page of the admin panel of the phones.

In the 'Proxy & Registration' section of the relevant Extension page (EXT 1 ), I change the 'Register Expires:' setting to 120 or even 300 but the phone continues to register every 47 seconds as before.

My question is, does anybody know which parameter is in control of this 47 second registration cycle on these phones? The phones are running on firmware version 6.1.5(a)

Many thanks
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By WelshPaul
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After changing the Register Expires parameter on your phone try power cycling the phone.

A lot of the Linksys / Cisco hardware need a power cycle for some changes to take effect when used with Voipfone. (Not sure why)

I should point out that the correct Register Expires value is indeed 60 if your using the Voipfone service. Changing this value to a higher value could mean features such as fail-over no longer work for you. The Register Expires parameter wouldn't be the cause of you losing registration.

Check that you have SIP ALG disabled on your router: Disable SIP ALG On Asus Routers

You could also try entering sip.voipfone.net in the outbound proxy field, if you already have that set then try removing it. Remember to save and power cycle the phone.

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