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Does anyone have a working dialplan / digitmap that is working well with LocalPhone that they would be willing to share.
I am using the one that was created for sipgate and it works except for sip2sip calls.
The obi will receive calls to its sip number *3224204 but i cannot dial out.
Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

* The number used is an example similar to my sip number and has the correct amount of digits.


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Answering my own post, but incase anyone else needs it, this digitmap allows me to dial localphone sip numbers.
My problem is fixed.

(999|112|101|111|116000|116111|116123|1471|1571|0[15]xxxxxxxxx?|0[27]x xxxx xxxx|0800xxx xxxx?|0808xxx xxxx|08001111|08[47]x xxx xxxx|0845464x|03xx xxx xxxx|118xxx|100|155|195|09xx xxx xxxx|00xxx.|xx.|+xx.|(Mipd)|[^*#]@@.)
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Ok, sorry if i lead anyone up the wrong path, but the above is partially correct.

This is my dilemma .

We are having issues making sip to sip calls. Traditional phone calls to area code + number are successful.

In my family, we have 3 users in 3 homes that all use two trunks.

User 1
Raspbx system:
Yealink t20p & panasonic kx-ut113 phones + iphone zoiper
Trunk 1: Localphone
Trunk 2: Sipgate

User 2
Yealink t20p phone + iphone zoiper
Trunk 1: Localphone
Trunk 2: Sipgate

User 3
Obihai 202 and analogue phones + iphone zoiper
Trunk 1: Localphone
Trunk 2: Sipgate

User 1 can make and receive successful calls to User 2 and User 3 using hard and soft phones.
User 2 can make and receive successful calls to user 1 using hard and soft phones.
User 3 can make and receive successful calls to user 1 using hard and soft phones.

Users 2 & 3 can make and receive successful calls to user 2 & 3 using hard phone to soft phone.
Users 2 & 3 can make and receive successful calls to user 2 & 3 using soft phone to hard phone.

Users 2 can ring user 3 using hard phone to hard phone but bidirectionally silent.
User 3 cannot ring user 2 using hard phone to hard phone, they get a 4XX error message.

User 1's number is similar to 3224204
User 2's number is similar to 7969156
User 3's number is similar to 1761287

If anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this problem, i would very much welcome assistance.
Thank you.
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By WelshPaul
Can you confirm... Are all three locations using individual Raspbx servers? Each one setup with two trunks:

Trunk 1: Localphone
Trunk 2: Sipgate

Or do users 2 & 3 register against user 1's Raspbx server? Or directly to a Localphone/Sipgate account?
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Also to clarify, all 3 users have their own localphone/sipgate accounts.
Nothing is shared.
All 3 users only have a sip number from localphone and all 3 users have a geographic number from sipgate.
Also, can anyone confirm if you can make free sipgate sip to sipgate sip calls, as this would be a solution.
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By WelshPaul
Going down the Sipgate route for a moment...

As gsmlnx posted, you can call other Sipgate customers using their Sipgate User ID providing they all use the same Sipgate service. In other words if all customers use sipgate.co.uk then you can indeed call each other using SIP URI's but if one of those customers is a sipgate.de user then unfortunately you cannot call that user.

Going back to your localphone issue, can you provide any more information on that 4xx error? What is the error message exactly?
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Well it's currently working with all calls outgoing via localphone except between the mum & 2 sisters.
The 3 of them are able to call sipgate.co.uk to sipgate.co.uk successfully.
All incoming calls are via sipgate.

Thanks for mentioning the differences between sipgate accounts also.

Back to localphone,
at present, i'm not going to touch anything for a while as it is pretty much working as it should except for the calls from the obi202 localphone sip number to the directly connected yealink to localphone sip number (and vice versa). Localphone calls from the same two phones to each other via the geographic numbers work perfectly and so does sipgate.

i'm working long hours at the moment.
When i'm off shift and feeling brave, i will report back with the 4xx error messages as i would love to get this working correctly.


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