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This issue has been posted a bunch of times before, but always in relation to DAHDI/PRI/BRI...

This is usually known as "talk-off" and the device is interpreting the voice as a DTMF digit.

Do both parties hear these random DTMF tones? Is it more frequent with a higher pitched woman's voice?
Another issue related with the quality during your calls, is when you can hear beep tones during a call, like if someone is pressing a button on the phone or trying to dial. This is usually known as "talk-off" and the device is interpreting the voice as a DTMF digit.

Suggestions to follow:
  • Upgrade the firmware in your device, sometimes these bugs are fixed in recent versions.
  • Change your DTMF Tx Method to InBand (you have to change this setting in your device and in your account or sub account settings). Test if the DTMF tones are working fine, dial 4747 for this test.
  • If Inband doesn't work for you, test with DTMF Process INFO and DTMF Process AVT to No, if the options are available in the device.
  • Another alternative you can do: DTMF Tx Method: AVT, DTMF Tx Mode: Strict, DTMF TX Strict Hold Off time: 70.
Taken from here: http://wiki.voip.ms/article/Call_qualit ... ring_calls

Will be interesting to see if the same thing happens with an OBi110... Hopefully Echo44 will post back later with an update as I'm guessing the OBi110 wasn't delivered Saturday.

Installed the Obi110 - good news the mounting holes are in the same place as the 202 so no re drilling the wall :o)

Used the cables from the 202 setup and the initial tests have no tones so far!

So my supicion is that it is the obiline adapter causing the tones.

I will carry out a few more tests over the next few days and report back further.

Hi Paul,

The Obi110 has been working fine since I installed it. The final test was to install some Uk voice prompts to see if that made a difference.

However, it worked fine so it really seems it is the obiline adapter.

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KeplerQ3 wrote:I was wondering if Paul might have another spare Obi110 up for grabs? Thanks guys.
Sadly not, I will however be giving one away in a future competition just after the new year.

you're welcome to enter the competition at that time. :)
I will be having a BT Business line installed on the 26th... I shall see if I get the dreaded DTMF tones on my setup!
Well I have had my new line order provisioned early and it's up and running...

Last time I tested an OBiLINE adaptor it was with a Virgin Media PSTN line and back then I was using a completely different OBi202 and a completely different OBiLINE adaptor - I had no issues back then! (No echo or random DTMF tones during calls)

Well I have just hooked up another OBi202 & OBiLINE adaptor to a working BT line and configured it as per this guide and so far it's working flawlessly. All I have did was upload the latest UK XML file to the OBi202 while it had the OBiLINE connected and configured SP1 with Voicehost, SP2 with Voicehost, SP3 with Voipfone and SP4 with FreePBX.

The result? No echo and no DTMF tones being played back (for now at least). will see how it goes! Out of interest would anyone who suffers from this issue be willing to send me a backup of their OBi's configuration? The OBi doesn't backup any passwords so there is no security risk in doing so, would like to upload it to my OBi202 and test again. :)
Out of interest would anyone who suffers from this issue be willing to send me a backup of their OBi's configuration?
Just saw this - I have put the OBI202 in storage - I will get it out when I am next in there at the end of the month and send over a copy of the config.



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