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Just purchased an Obi202, looking to get my existing Virgin PSTN line connected for in/out bound calls on iPhones (using OBion app) but a little confused as to additional hardware/cables needed.

Is the only way to connect a standard PSTN line to a 202 by using the USB OBILine adaptor? or can I get a cable convertor to get the PSTN line into Phone1/Phone2 ?


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ObiLine bought and configured, calls in and out over PSTN now working, thanks!

Two problems that make this setup NSFW (Not Safe For Wife) are;

1) We have to dial a ##9 prefix before landline calls going via Virgin, she's going to kill me if I don't sort this. Can I have all calls made via the Obi202 to default to the PSTN line and not need this prefix?

2) We can't kill inbound calls, answered or unanswered. The only way a call ends is when the other end either gives up (when unanswered) or they hang up first if we or the answer phone has picked the call up, again this isn't too clever.

Can't believe these problems aren't solvable somehow through configuration, any suggestions in helping with this are most appreciated.
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By WelshPaul
With your OBiLINE connected to the OBi202 upload the UK configuration file again.

As for making the PSTN line the default just navigate through Physical Interfaces > PHONE1 Port and set PrimaryLine to PSTN Line.

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