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Got a linksys device with multiple line registration provided, When I registered my first line, everything works well. But when I started to register another line on it, that's the hardest part for me to make it succeed, but still the line 1 is still working. Only the line 2 which is not functioning. Please advice. thanks!
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By WelshPaul
What Linksys device are you using and what provider are you using on line 1 and trying to setup on line 2 exactly?
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By WelshPaul
You cannot register the same sip account twice.

You need to setup a second account (or extension) with your PBX provider and enter those details against line two.


You can configure the device to register against one sip account and make use of the line keys to provide multiple lines.

Step 1 Click Admin Login > advanced > Voice > Phone.

Step 2 Under each line key for the phone, configure the following:
  • Extension—Assign an extension number to the line key. Set as 1.
  • Short Name—Enter a short name or a number to display on the IP phone screen. E.g. Line 1
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By WelshPaul
@Danial read the post above yours, it applies to you.

You cannot register the same trunk, extension or sip account across multiple devices or softphones. You either need a second sip trunk or register your existing with a PBX such as freepbx and create multiple extensions.
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