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By Michael
Good day team,

I would like to use my office telephone number as the caller display number for all out going calls on my SIP line. As a reminder, I use a OBi1062 and wonder whether within the menu structure there is a way to add my number.

Any ideas?

Regards and many thanks



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By WelshPaul
Hi Michael,

Unfortunately no, and for good reason. It would leave us all open to abuse! What's to stop me from entering your landline number as my caller ID and making obscene calls? or hoax 999 calls? All is not lost though...

What VoIP providers are you using? The reason I ask, some VoIP providers will add an existing landline number to your VoIP account for a small fee (proof of ownership is required, such as a copy of your last BT bill) allowing you to use it as the outgoing caller ID for that SIP line. In fact, I use such a feature myself. My Business number is provided by Voicehost, I had the number added to my Voipfone accounts CLI list so that I can select it as the outgoing caller ID when dialling out via Voipfone. Now, when calling out over Voicehost or Voipfone, the same caller ID is displayed! Cost me a one off £5 fee.
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By WelshPaul
You're in luck... ... -Caller-ID
Display your phone number or call anonymously

With the free Outgoing Caller ID feature, you choose what is displayed on outgoing calls. With a click of your mouse you can choose to show your sipgate phone number, a different phone number you own, or to call anonymously.

Outgoing Caller ID can be added to your sipgate basic for free in the Feature Store.
Sipgate's Feature Store states the following:
Choose the number displayed on calls

With the free Caller ID feature, you choose what is displayed on outgoing calls. With a click of your mouse you can choose to show your phone number or to call anonymously.
In addition to your own sipgate number, other numbers may be displayed on outbound calls. This may be your mobile number, office number or another landline. The number displayed on outgoing calls can be easily changed or set to anonymous online.
Click on Phones and look for the Caller ID option, click on the *Bleep* next to it and enter the number you want to use for your caller ID. I'm amazed that they don't do any checks though! :-o

Once again, thanks very much Paul.

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