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By DCE Group
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Hi folks and thanks for accepting me on to the forum.

We have recently taken on Callswitch Communicator 5 with our new VOIP system but our calls drop when transitioning from wifi to 4G - we are largely using softphones on mobiles. We have come from an old ISDN system so have no real experience or understanding of what we're in to.

Can someone let me know if this is typical of VOIP or if we have made a mistake and should have gone with a Cisco based option?


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By WelshPaul
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I'm not familiar with the Callswitch Communicator 5 app and these days I try my best to avoid using "softphones". I have never used one that didn't give me issues...

So fundamentally what you are expecting is seamless hand-off between networks? WiFi > 4G and 4G > Wifi. Sounds easy enough but what you don't realise that there is a Session Border Controller between you and the 3rd party servers that are able to handle the transition. You could try using another app such as Zoiper or although not ideal disable WiFi and use only 4G. FYI, Skype for Business can survive network switching (due to them using their own protocol).
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