Recommend, review or get some help setting up your SIP based softphone of choice here.
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By WelshPaul
Well simply a "Softphone" is nothing more than a computer application that makes it possible for a user to make telephone calls straight from their computer without the need for any special hardware.

The software makes use of the internet for transmitting telephone services to the receivers’ end worldwide. The computer-based softphone acts as a full-fledge telephone, and can offer a great deal of features including call forwarding, call transfer, call hold, and several other features. Softphones primarily use the sound card installed in the computer for its audio input and the output. The interface is quite common and resembles a standard phone with number keys that can be pressed via mouse, or simply dialled through the keyboard number pad for making calls. For listening and speaking purposes, a microphone and a headset would serve the purpose.
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By John Donovan
dibts wrote:Not a lot of people know about softphones. If they only know, they'd probably be surprised on the amount of money they could save in a month. I'm so glad softphones were invented.
I agree, it seems that, especially in Europe, many people don't know about softphones. In fact, the only VoIP Romanians use is Skype on PC (they don't seem to know about the phone versions!). It's pretty irritating to see the ignorance of so many people, when they could save a fortune on making calls and the such.
By sbatz1972
I would like to thank you for explaining to me what a Softphone is. I have never really understood the concept of a softphone. However, I have used one. I have never liked it too much. I think that the softphone service my former employer has signed up for is a terrible service. The reception was never good.
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