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By jimrudd75
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Newbie alert!

Just started using Sipgate basic on my mac using Bria as my soft phone using Logitech Zone Wired headset

I can make and receive calls and i can hear people perfectly but most of the time the person receiving my call is having difficulty hearing me - they say the line keeps ‘dropping’ and keeps cutting out

The headset isn’t the issue as i use on my ipad for FaceTime audio/video with no issues

My internet is FTTP with 500/77 down/up and rock solid no issues

Ive disabled SIP ALG on the router and changed my settings on Bria to use the correct audio codecs as recommended by Sipgate

Also turned off BT controls like web protect and parental controls as these can interfere with voip

Ive run the diagnostic tests on Bria by calling 10000 and 10005 and all appears ok from that end

Has anyone else encountered voice quality issues with Sipgate? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated


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By tonygibbs16
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Hi @jimrudd75

I use Sipgate Basic as well, and use Grandstream Wave Lite as my softphone on Android.
- I enabled STUN in the configuration settings for it.

I could not get Zoiper to work for me.

You might want to turn any Application Layer Gateway (ALG) for SIP to OFF in your router, as that might be interfering with audio quality.

I hope that this is helpful.

Blessings, Tony

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