Recommend, review or get some help setting up your SIP based softphone of choice here.
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By yohanna
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I have a few questions about the following soft phones.

I Run Csip on my Android phone and it seems to work well. However there have been many updates to the app since I first set it up. Does anyone have a detailed set-up guide as I would like to add a second Voipfone account?

Do you know of a better Android App?

For my desktop I use Ubuntu 12.04 and have installed the SFLphone which is supported via the OS. Does anyone use this and do they know how to set it up?
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By GoofyCyborg
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Are you referring to the app CSipSimple?

If you open the application and look to the bottom left, you should see a key symbol with 3 lines.

If you press this and then click on Add Account.

Scroll down the list of providers and just select the Basic icon.

Once in you will be asked for 4 pieces of information, this is as follows.

Account name - whatever you wish it to be, your name or company name.

User - This is your account number.

Server - This is

Password - This is the 6 digit code they emailed you.

Once entered, if you click save that should be the account setup.
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By yohanna
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Ok I have been playing about with SFLphone and I can get the phone to register however it does not work. I cant even call the voicmail.

Here are the settings I would have attached a screen shot but dont think thats possible here. Have a look at let me know your thoughts.

Alias - What ever you want here

Protocol - Drop down box with 2 options SIP or IAX. I think this should be SIP

Host Name - Not sure about this

User Name - Account Number. Should I use the *200 as I have a PBX Ext Number?

Password 6 - digit number for account - Or should I use the 6 digit number for the PBX Ext number?

Proxy - - Not sure why we have the host name as well as this proxy option?

Voicemail - 1572

User Agent - Don t think this has anything to do with the actual settings of the account
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By WelshPaul
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The username would be the account number followed by *200

And the password would be for that extension.
Anyone tried a Fanvil H2U?

Thank you :grinning:

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