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By WelshPaul
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dibts wrote:I believe Skype and Viber can do that as well. Both can ring on your PC. They just have a different tone and not the usual telephone ring.
The Skype protocol is a proprietary Internet telephony network based on peer-to-peer architecture, used by Skype and as such the Skype softphone cannot be used with any other SIP account.

Same goes for Viber.
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By tomeko
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I'm working from time to time on simple open source softphone ( and I've decided to give it a note.
First: ringing on PC speaker may actually mean two different things: ringing using separate audio device than device used for normal audio output during conversation (i.e. if you are having two separate sound cards) or ringing using emulated i8254 system timer and buzzer/mini speaker connected to the motherboard (with laptops: often emulated and routed to regular speakers).
tSIP softphone supports separate selection for ringing audio device and I've also recently added small plugin that rings using PC speaker / WinAPI Beep() - I've got PC with single sound card and external "USB phone" that is able to ring but its ring is very loud and there is no volume control available as this is just ON/OFF function accessible through HID interface.
It's worth mentioning that Beep() function works differently with 64-bit operating systems - OS is not giving access to internal speaker but emulates it and again routing audio through default sound device: ... ows-7.aspx ... s.85).aspx
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By chelsknits
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clive552 wrote:Does anybody know of a softphone that has a ring on PC speaker facility when using headphones? Zoipher only rings on the headset unless you purchase the paid version. SJP also only rings on the headphones.


Skype definitely has a ringer and it's very obvious, which is an important feature to me. I often listen to music or videos while I'm doing other things online so I like to have something extremely obvious so I know it's not just a noise from the music or video I have on at the moment. I believe there might even be a way to change the sound the ringer makes, but I'm not 100% sure on that.

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