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A number of problems and error messages can be encountered when installing your softphone for the first time. We have found that almost all of them are caused by local firewalls and simple installation errors and can be easily resolved.

Before you do anything more complicated, please check that you have the correct username and password in your telephone.

There is often more than one firewall to cross; one, possibly two on your computer and another one if you are using a router. Some of the most common error messages / issues you may see or hear are:

Note: This is not an inclusive list - you may well get others.
  • 403 Error!
  • 404 Error!
  • 407 Error! (Usually means you're using the wrong username or password.)
  • Login timed out! Contact network admin!
  • Install Wizard Installation failed!
  • Call Forbidden
  • Discovering firewall rapid engaged tone! (Network Engaged)
  • Calls that start then fail.
  • Awaiting proxy login information!
Some of the problems above can be resolved by making changes to the softphone configuration. If you wish to attempt this please follow the instructions below.
  1. If you are using a firewall on your PC such as ZoneAlarm or Norton Security, you will need to temporarily disable it then re-install the softphone.

    Note: It's not enough just to turn it off, you must disable it then re-boot your PC and prevent it re-loading the firewall.

    To do this for ZoneAlarm:
    • Double click on ZoneAlarm in your system tray.
    • In Overview, Click on Preferences.
    • In General, un-tick the box marked "Load Zone Alarm at Start Up".
    • Reboot your PC and re-install the softphone by restarting the Installation Wizard.
    • Now re-enable ZoneAlarm.
    Don't forget you will have to input your account number and password during this process so have them to hand before you start. Please enter these details carefully, quite a lot of problems are caused by simply putting in the wrong information!
  2. If you've still got a problem and if you use a router (rather than a simple modem) you may have a problem with its firewall. (A common problem caused by router firewalls is being able to make telephone calls but not receive them; incoming calls go directly to email or you can only have one sided conversations.)

    You may fix this by making a configuration change in the softphone.

    Adding a NAT Proxy to the Softphone
    To do this in i.e. X-Lite, press F8 when the phone is open and you will see the menu. Now add the address of your VoIP providers NAT proxy into the outbound proxy field.

    If you still have no joy you will need to open ports 5004 to 5060 to enable you to connect to your VoIP providers servers and register your phone on their network. You should refer to your router's user manual for details of how to do this. But here is a general guide (which specifically applies to a Linksys router).
    • Log into your router by opening a browser and typing in its IP address.
      This is often (but not always)
      You will need to know the username and password - If you have not changed these, they will be the default ones shown in your manual.
    • Find the page which deals with Port Forwarding. (On the Linksys this is under "Gaming and Applications")
    • Under "Application" enter SIP
    • Under "Port Range" enter 5004
    • Under "Port Range" enter 5060
    • Under "protocol" enter Both (ie both UDP and TCP)
    • Under 'IP Address" enter the IP address of the device running the softphone. (Refer to your user manual to find this.)
    • Tick the 'enable' box
    • Save the changes.
Following the above information should help cure the most common problems encountered when installing or using a softphone.
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