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By Yosh
kylerlittle wrote:
pwarbi wrote:When using any sort of app like this over a mobile connection, I think it's important to make sure you've got unlimited data on your tariff, or at least be aware of just how much date the app actually uses.

Any sort of video call is going to hammer your data, so WiFi connection is probably the best way. Free WiFi is available in most places these days so I'd recommend you make the use of it for this type of call.
Thank you Pwarbi, that's really useful because I would of actually had to pay a lot. Can you actually get a contract for just 3G? or mobile data connection without phone calling and all that?
Hi, it depends on what service provider you're with. The one I'm with, Lebara NL offers a 1gb of data for 10 euro. Vodafone in Ireland used to offer a 7.2gb data plan, but they scrapped it without telling any of their customers (cue angry responses and many people leaving them). I'm not sure of other services though,
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By WelshPaul
kylerlittle wrote:Do you have any experience with using Skype for phone, basically calling or having any subscription and do you guys think its a good VoIP service and is it worth it? I heard it is and perhaps looking at the prices it's a bit convincing, but you'd need 3G for it. Tell me about it.
Sky is a closed protocol, the use of any hardware or software is extremely restricted. Their pricing is also higher than any SIP based VoIP provider out there that I have come across. There are other reasons why I wouldn't use them such as Skype does not support number porting, so in other words, Skype numbers can not be ported out to other carriers, and neither can numbers be ported in to Skype.
By pwarbi
sbatz1972 wrote:I do not think it is worth a subscription price to use Skype. It is very over rated. I think I prefer to use my Google Voice number instead.
Google voice might be the better service but not everyone as access to it. Here in the UK Google still haven't rolled the service out to us so for a lot of people Skype is the only major option at the moment.
By bluegreen
Hello guys! I have a quesiton about skype on Android services! I want to use skype to do free video calls to my father, but he has a device that only has the rear camera. Will he still be able to do video calls although he can't see me at the same time I see him? Or skype simply isn't allowed in those devices? :S
By bluegreen
Sunflogun wrote:lol, come on blue, if he has the rear camera most likely it will be hard because the mic is in the front right? It's a matter of trying.
Man I know, but it's the only resource my father has and he is miles away so it's better than nothing. My concerning was skype not allowing installation when your phone only has one camera. Sorry if I am that dumb :S
By chelsknits
Se7ev wrote:I've been using it on Android 4.4.4 - no problems. I've been using it on WiFi, so can't tell how much data on 3G it would consume.
Call rates in some countries are lower compared to my telephone service provider and it is easy to buy credits for calling (for example using paysafecard).
I also like videocall feature :)
I've never actually bought credits for Skype, though I've seen them mentioned when using it. Can you explain when you need them and how many you typically need for a call or however that works. I have no clue how they actually work so I'm not sure if it's a per minute basis or what. Also, when do you need to use credits and when can you use Skype for free?
By chelsknits
pwarbi wrote:
Google voice might be the better service but not everyone as access to it. Here in the UK Google still haven't rolled the service out to us so for a lot of people Skype is the only major option at the moment.
Personally, I would suggest Google Voice over Skype for those who have access to it. It has always seemed to be a lot easier to use and just feels more professional to me.
By bluegreen
Se7ev wrote:I know you have option to have mobile data on USB stick, but I'm not sure if it is possible to have only mobile data without phone calling. You should contact your telecommunications service provider.
I'm pretty sure that you have that option, "Only mobile data". Here in Portugal there are a few services that only provide mobile data so I am pretty sure that on UK they have even more offers.
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By lokiebunny
Yes! The Skype is good application to use. I am using the application on my Smartphone (Android). However you need to switch your network on 3G mode to get the better experience of this application. The call rates depend from country to country I have used it through my WiFi and 3G as well. I don't know the exact data usage when you are using Skype on 3G data mode but if you use for 15 minutes of video call through Skype it will be 100 to 150 MB data may be used. Video call through rear camera still not sure, but there is options while video call "Tap the Camera" sometimes it works or sometimes not.
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