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By WelshPaul
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I have Zoiper installed on my iPhone 5c and sadly I can confirm that on iOS you cannot change the ringtone. I do not have any android devices so I cannot confirm if this is the case with that OS.

However if you are unable to see any options within the app itself, and there was no clear indication on their support pages I would assume it's the same as the iOS app.
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By jacob
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crowcrafty wrote: Fri 22nd Nov 2013, 12:58 Hi All

I have looked everywhere for this on Zoiper and not sure if it is even possible?

Basically on my phone I want zoiper to ring with a different ringtone is this possible?
Hey mate,
Go to:
accounts -->Select your account --> Ringtone --> select your ringtone.
It's simple as that :grinning:
Hope your query is resolved now cheers

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